“Speedy” Wet Cadet®

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“Speedy” Wet Cadet®


As the first fully automatic liquid unit dose packaging machine for the healthcare industry, the “Speedy” Wet Cadet® lives up to its name with a maximum speed of 32 units per minute. Pharmacies want to focus on serving their patients, not packaging, and the “Speedy” Wet Cadet® lets you do just that.

The efficient Baxter Repeater Pump is simple to use and automates routine procedures such as reconstitution, transfer, filling and pooling. Dispensed in volumes between 1 and 35 mL, oral liquid medication can be packaged in two different cup sizes: 24 and 42 mL and are available in four color options: tan, blue, red and clear.

Ideal for hospitals with more than 50 beds, the “Speedy” Wet Cadet® includes a fingerprint reader, pill camera, linear barcode scanner and Euclid® Vantage™ Software with purchase. Other accessories such as a 2D barcode scanner and complete system package can be purchased separately.

Speedy Wet Cadet New


  • Linear and 2D barcoding capabilities
  • Incremental numbering capabilities
  • USB connection
  • 300 DPI fade-resistant thermal transfer printing
  • Euclid® Vantage™ Software, which offers true type fonts, controlled drug symbol, customizable reports, password protection and many other features
  • Durable, one-piece cast aluminum frame
  • Servo motor for precision packages
  • Up to 32 units per minute


  • Cost savings: Save money by packaging bulk medication instead of purchasing pre-packed unit doses from the manufacturer. Use our cost savings calculator to see exactly how much money you can save using Euclid® machines instead of manual dose.
  • Patient safety: Automatic Tallman lettering helps distinguish similarly-named drugs. Other safety measures include the sterile stainless steel tabletop and pill camera for visual verification.
  • Improve operational efficiency: Sensor monitoring system prevents outage and rethreading. Optional programmable auto cutoff feature eliminates the need to manually tear packages.