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Oral Unit Dose Products


With durable construction and features designed to help you save money, time and ensure patient safety, the Cadet® unit dose packaging system has been a trusted fixture in hospital pharmacies since 1980.

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Cadet Twin®

Ideal for large hospitals and third-party repackagers, the Cadet Twin® is a fast, efficient and durable tabletop machine designed for maximum uptime. Reliable, durable and complete with excellent on-site service, training and ongoing technical support, the Cadet Twin® provides third-party repackagers with a machine they can rely on for continuous service.

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Cadet Twin® 2×2

Designed with optimal pharmacy efficiency in mind, the Cadet Twin® 2×2 is the only tabletop machine capable of packaging 120 units per minute in 2-by-2 inch package size. Featuring a larger package size to accommodate the wide variety of oral solid sizes, the Cadet Twin® 2×2 is ideal for hospitals with more than 200 beds.

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Axial® Multi-Dose Machine

Euclid® Medical Products is excited to announce the introduction of two new packaging machines in 2019. The Axial™ RMD-144, featuring 144 canisters, and the Axial™ RMD-352, featuring 352 canisters.

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Industrial Cadet®

Ideal for a wide range of products needing to be packaged individually, this will allow for an accurate inventory on stock items. Also, the potential for individual resale of specific items. The Industrial Cadet® is a high quality, compact, fast and efficient packaging machine.

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Vantage™ Bagging Machine

The Vantage™ Bagging Machine from Euclid® Medical Products is the ultimate solution in hand load syringes, vials and other miscellaneous pharmacy items. The Vantage™ Bagging Machine is specifically designed to bring simplicity, versatility, quality and value to to all of your pharmacy packaging needs.

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