Multi-Dose Adherence Pouch Packaging

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Multi-Dose Adherence Pouch Packaging

The Axial® Multi-Dose Machines


Euclid® Medical Products is excited to announce the introduction of two new next generation multi/unit dose strip adherence pouch packaging machines called Axial®.  

These next generation packaging machines are built on a new revolutionary rotary design which allow for a very small footprint. (The 144 canister machine has a 2’x2’ footprint.  The 352 canister machine has a 2’x4’ footprint.)

These machines can unit or multi dose medications and can package at speeds up to 65 packages per minute. Storing up to 15 canisters of one medication for high volume runners, the machines can continue to package as canisters are being refilled.

The new rotary design allows for easy access to the canisters as well as easy cleaning and maintenance. These machines have RFID smart canisters and a built-in dehumidifier.

Axial Multi-Dose Machine


  • 2 models
  • 144/352 cannisters
  • Speeds up to 65 packages per minute
  • Can package and replenish cannisters at same time
  • RFID “Smart Cannisters”
  • Built-in dehumidifier
  • Packaging materials contain technology that provides Fast Easy Opening
  • Provides 300 DPI thermal transfer printing and can produce lineas and 2D barcodes

The Growth of Adherence Packaging

Patient medication adherence is a growing concern among pharmacies. According to the Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention 23.1% of the US Population (More than 70 million people take 3 or more medications per month and 11.9% take 5 or more medications per month. Also, many hospital readmissions are due to poor medication adherence. In addition, there are significant reductions in DIR fees if you have poor adherence.

Multi-dose packaging is a good way to help your customers increase their adherence and at the same time help your business grow. They will no longer have to fill their weekly pill trays on Sunday evenings. You will be able to distinguish yourself from local competitive pharmacies that currently do not offer this as a service.

If you would like to do an ROI analysis for your pharmacy please contact us and we can provide you all of the information you will need to do this analysis.