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Liquid Unit Dose Products

Speedy Wet Cadet®

As the first fully automatic liquid unit dose packaging machine for the healthcare industry, the Speedy Wet Cadet® lives up to its name with a maximum speed of 32 units per minute. Pharmacies want to focus on serving their patients, not packaging, and the Speedy Wet Cadet® lets you do just that.

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Atomic™ Liquid Unit Dose

The Atomic™ Liquid Unit Dose is a durable, accurate, simple and innovative solution all rolled into one. The small, semi-automatic packing machine produces up to 450 cups per hour, using cups that offer Class A closure. This tabletop device provides programmable consistency, making it the efficient and economical solution for hospitals that are looking to upgrade from manual unit dosing liquids. Using the same packaging material as the Euclid Medical Speedy Wet Cadet®, The Atomic™ Liquid Unit dose provides tamper-evident sealing. The Atomic™ Liquid Unit Dose is capable of packaging medications 30 percent faster than with manual syringes, saving time and labor for hospital employees.

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