Atomic™ Liquid Unit Dose

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Atomic™ Liquid Unit Dose


The Atomic™ Liquid Unit Dose is a durable, accurate, simple and innovative solution all rolled into one. The small, semi-automatic packing machine produces up to 450 cups per hour, using cups that offer Class A closure. This tabletop device provides programmable consistency, making it the efficient and economical solution for hospitals looking to upgrade from manual unit dosing liquids. Using the same packaging material as the Euclid® Medical “Speedy” Wet Cadet®, The Atomic™ Liquid Unit Dose provides tamper-evident sealing. The Atomic™ Liquid Unit Dose is capable of packaging medications 30 percent faster than with manual syringes, saving time and labor for hospital employees.

The class A closure of each cup ensures a year-long shelf life, as opposed to six months with traditional syringes, all while reducing costs by over 85 percent. The process of the Atomic™ Liquid Unit Dose is significantly less expensive than syringes and will provide a higher volume of storage in ADC’s. If a barcode label printer is required, there is the option to include the Vantage™ Label Printer, featuring the Vantage™ software, meaning only one database is needed to house patient and medication information.

The Vantage™ software stores data in one place, allowing all products using the software to access the same database, decreasing the chance for miscommunication or human error.



  • Verified operation of 450-480 sealed containers an hour
  • A semi-automatic operation to ensure consistency
  • Manufactured with high-quality production materials
  • Built-in thermostat for a precise sealing range
  • Automatic actuator for consistent seals
  • No air required


  • Combines seamlessly with the Vantage™ Label Printer
  • Produces up to 450 cups per hour
  • Cups offer Class A closure.
  • Significantly less expensive than syringes
  • Provide a higher volume of storage in ADC’s