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Atomic® Liquid Unit Dose

The Atomic® Liquid Unit Dose is a durable, accurate, simple and innovative solution all rolled into one. The small, semi-automatic packing machine produces up to 450 cups per hour, using cups that offer Class A closure. This tabletop device provides programmable consistency, making it the efficient and economical solution for hospitals that are looking to upgrade from manual unit dosing liquids. Using the same packaging material as the Euclid Medical Speedy Wet Cadet®, The Atomic® Liquid Unit dose provides tamper-evident sealing. The Atomic® Liquid Unit Dose is capable of packaging medications 30 percent faster than with manual syringes, saving time and labor for hospital employees.

The Class A closure of each cup ensures a year-long shelf life, as opposed to six months with traditional syringes, all while reducing costs by over 85 percent. The process of the Atomic® Liquid Unit Dose is significantly less expensive than syringes and will provide a higher volume of storage in ADC’s. If a barcode label printer is required, there is the option to include the Vantage™ Label Printer, featuring the Vantage™ software, meaning only one database is needed to house patient and medication information.

The Vantage™ software stores data in one place, allowing all products using Vantage™ software to access the same database, decreasing the chance for miscommunication or human error.

Key Features:

  • Verified operation of 450-480 sealed containers an hour
  • A semi-automatic operation to ensure consistency
  • Manufactured with high-quality production materials
  • Built-in thermostat for a precise sealing range
  • Automatic actuator for consistent seals
  • No air required


  • Combines seamlessly with the Vantage™ Label Printer
  • Produces up to 450 cups per hour
    Cups offer Class A closure.
  • Significantly less expensive than syringes
  • Provide a higher volume of storage in ADC’s

Axial® Multi-Dose MachineAxial Multi-Dose MachineEuclid® Medical Products is excited to announce the introduction of two new packaging machines in 2019. The Axial® RMD-144, featuring 144 canisters, and the Axial® RMD-352, featuring 352 canisters.

These Next Generation solid packaging machines can unit dose or multi-dose solid medications at speeds up to 65 packages per minute. Storing up to 15 canisters of one medication for high volume runners, the machines can continue to produce as canisters are replaced.   

Built on a revolutionary new rotary design, the 2×2 foot (144) and 2×4 foot (352) machines boast a smaller footprint than any other machine on the market. This sleek new design also allows for easy access to the canisters, as well as easy cleaning and maintenance. Proving some of the lowest error rates in the market thanks to the built-in RFID technology, that has a built-in dehumidifier.

Key Features Also Include:

  • A 6.5″ LCD panel built into the machine at eye level for ease of operation
  • Packaging materials contain technology that provides Fast Easy Opening
  • Provides 300 DPI thermal transfer printing and can produce linear or 2D barcodes.
  • 2 models; 144/352 canister machines
  • Speeds up to 65 packages/minute
  • Smart canisters feature RFID technology

Vantage™ Label PrinterVantage Label PrinterThe Vantage™ Label Printer, a high-quality thermal printer with 600 DPI printing capabilities, boasts the ability to read 2D barcodes at speeds of up to 4 inches per second. The printer provides a maximum width of 4.17 inches along with a 3.5-inch TFT display. Euclid’s Vantage™ software has been programmed to work with the label printer, eliminating the need for a second database of information and makes the Vantage™ Label Printer compatible with other Euclid® Vantage™ products.

In order to increase patient health and wellness, hospitals require medication doses to be scanned as they leave the EDC and scanned again before a patient. The Vantage Label Printer allows for printing alongside packaging with  The Atomic® Liquid Unit Dose machine, meaning more efficiency for hospital staff and increased safety for patients.

The Vantage software stores data in one place, allowing all products using Vantage™ software to access the same database, decreasing the chance for miscommunication or human error.


  • 600 DPI printing for 2D barcodes
  • Does not require its own database
  • Cost reduction by 50 percent over other printers.


  • Resolution: 24 dots/mm (600 DPI)
  • Max Print Speed: 102 mm (4”)/second
  • Max Print Width: 106 mm (4.17“)
  • Max Print Length: 2,540 mm (100”)
  • Size: 226 mm (W) x 200 mm (H) x 332 mm (D) 8.90“ (W) x 7.87“ (H) x 13.07“ (D)
  • Label Roll Capacity: 127 mm (5“) OD
  • Display: 3.5” color TFT Display
  • Software: Vantage
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty
  • Safety: FCC Class B, CE Class B, RCM, UL, cUL, TÜV/ Safety, CCC, BIS, EAC, ENERGY STAR®

Vantage™ Bagging MachineVantage BaggerThe Vantage™ Bagging Machine from Euclid® Medical Products is the ultimate solution in hand load syringes, vials and other miscellaneous pharmacy items. The Vantage™ Bagging Machine is specifically designed to bring simplicity, versatility, quality and value to to all of your pharmacy packaging needs.

Vantage™ Software works with the Bagging Machine to allow access to all your information. Euclid® Vantage Software, as well as installation/training, is included in the purchase of any Euclid® Vantage™ Series equipment.

The Vantage™ Bagging Machine is simple to operate, with a user-friendly display that enables easy access to operating parameters, job set-up, job storage, and onboard system diagnostics. The unique, locking turntable combines with the automatic thread feature to provide ergonomic handling and changeover of Vantage™ bags-on-a-roll.

Operating at speeds up to 25 bags per minute (15 BPM OneStep version), the Vantage™ Bagging Machine offers innovative engineering in a simple, tabletop design. The machine features a small footprint of 22 x 19 inches and weighs just 82 pounds. The quiet, all-electric design does not require compressed air to run, making the unit highly adaptable in any low- to mid-volume production environment.

Features and Benefits:

  • All Electric System
  • Compressed air is not required to operate
  • Operator-friendly, easy to navigate menu structure with job storage and recall, as well as onboard diagnostics to maximize productivity and uptime
  • Compatible with Euclid® Vantage™ Software
  • Prints high-resolution graphics, text, and barcodes directly on the bag*; tilt-back printer head for easy maintenance
  • Compact design is ideal for low- to mid-volume packaging operations
  • Film – Control dancer assembly for positive bag-web control provides accurate positioning for inline printing, loading, and sealing
  • Multi-position bag support shelf for flexibility
  • Tilt-back printer* enables fast and easy maintenance and is system-matched for highest print quality.