Multi-Dose Packaging Machine

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Multi-Dose Packaging Machine

The Axial® Multi-Dose Machines


Euclid® Medical Products is excited to announce the introduction of two new next generation multi/unit dose strip pouch adherence packaging machines called Axial®. 

These next generation packaging machines are built on a new revolutionary rotary design which allow for a very small footprint (The 144 Canister Machine has a 2’x2’ foot print and the 352 canister machine has a 2’x4’ footprint)

These machines can unit or multi dose medications and can package at speeds up to 65 packages per minute. Storing up to 15 canisters of one medication for high volume runners, the machines can continue to package as canisters are being refilled.

The new rotary design also allows for easy access to the canisters, as well as easy cleaning and maintenance. With new RFID Smart canisters and a built-in dehumidifier, these machines can package medications with a very low error rate.

Axial Multi-Dose Machine


  • 2 models
  • 144/352 cannisters
  • Speeds up to 65 packages per minute
  • Can package and replenish cannisters at same time
  • RFID “Smart Cannisters”
  • Built-in dehumidifier
  • Packaging materials contain technology that provides Fast Easy Opening
  • Provides 300 DPI thermal transfer printing and can produce lineas and 2D barcodes